Tutorial: Migrating CosmWasm Counter Contract to Secret Network Contract

Migrating CosmWasm Counter Contract to Secret Network Contract: An Intermediate Tutorial

I’m thrilled to share my latest tutorial that walks you through the migration process of a CW Counter Contract to Secret Network. The tutorial is targeted at an intermediate audience and aims to enlighten you on how to transition a CosmWasm smart contract into a Secret network-compatible contract.


In this guide, we dive deep into the mechanics of taking a CosmWasm smart contract, which was initially built to increment a counter and maintain individual counts for users, and turning it into a contract that is compatible with the Secret Network. The tutorial covers everything from updating dependencies to adding unique features like Viewing Key and Query Permit. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to migrate such contracts while enhancing both their privacy and functionality.

Pathway Map

  • 1 - Introduction
  • 2 - Adding and Removing Dependencies
  • 3a - Updating Cargo.toml
  • 3b - Updating Cw Dependencies
  • 4a - Updating State
  • 4b - Refactoring contract.rs
  • 5a - Adding User Authentication
  • 5b - Adding Viewing Keys
  • 5c - Adding Query Permits

Dive In

For those interested in the step-by-step process, you can read the full tutorial here