Winner Hacksecret!

Trader Crow: 1st Prize Winner at Hacksecret

Excited to announce that our project, Trader Crow, claimed 1st Prize at the Hacksecret hackathon organized by the Secret Network. This victory awarded us $25,000+ of tokens and a 20,000 SHD grant (equivalent to $80,000 at current market value).

Development Journey

Trader-Crow is a Liquidity Book. “Liquidity Book” is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol that sets a new standard for capital efficiency in DeFi trading. It uniquely combines:

  • Zero-slippage token swaps
  • Surge pricing for Liquidity Providers during volatile market periods
  • High-volume trading support with lower liquidity requirements
  • The ability for Liquidity Providers to customize liquidity distributions

Comparison with Uniswap V3

While both Liquidity Book and Uniswap V3 are concentrated liquidity AMMs, there are key differentiators:

  • Discretized price ranges into bins
  • Bin steps that can exceed one basis point
  • Vertical liquidity aggregation
  • Fungible liquidity positions
  • Non-restricted liquidity position distribution across the price range
  • Fixed + variable swap fees allowing higher charges during high market volatility


We thank the Secret Network for this opportunity and look forward to advancing our work in the DeFi space. And Big thanks to my Team-mate Kent W. for his help and support.