I am a Blockchain Research and Development Engineer focusing on innovating and implementing research-driven solutions. At the moment, my work centers on private blockchain networks and liquidity concentration. Additionally, I’m independently studying Zero-Knowledge proofs and their implementations.

Since my early years in the blockchain space, starting in 2019, I have been committed to research and practical applications. My journey began with Bitcoin, where I modified Bitcoin-core to extract invaluable data for academic research. This extracted data facilitated student research and contributed to a forthcoming research paper.

My expertise extends to the Ethereum blockchain, where I have worked extensively with Solidity smart contracts. I completed my final year project on “Blockchain-Based secure metering,” leveraging Ethereum’s capabilities. Concurrently, I developed a library to enable low-computationally-intensive microchips like ESP-32 to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. This library has since become an asset in other research initiatives.

Recently, my work has been mainly focused on the Cosmos ecosystem, where I have successfully led and contributed to multiple projects. My research at Shade Protocol aims to revolutionize DeFi trading by developing Liquidity Book, an open-source, front-running-resistant, highly capital-efficient AMM protocol. Simultaneously, I have founded a decentralized, open-source blockchain protocol designed to replace prize-linked savings accounts in decentralized finance. Both lines of research are on track to become operational, emphasizing my ability to turn academic research into real-world solutions.